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What is Ekonomi Haberleri and Economy?

28 Oct 2022, 01:24 GMT+10

The word economy comes from the Greek words "oikia" (house) and "nomos" (rule), meaning the management of the house. The economy is defined as activities consisting of production, trade, distribution and consumption, imports and exports. Economics shows how a nation's artificial values ​​and wealth are formed. Find out how they are split.

Why prices fluctuate, why some firms make more money than others, and how governments decide what taxes to collect are a few kinds of problems that arise in economics. Economists who attempt to answer these questions are called economists.

Most people learn from childhood that they cannot have everything they want and must choose from their desires. I know that not all precious paintings can be purchased. This is how economists meet the seemingly endless needs of people with limited incomes. It's about how much effort and money they're willing to put into the choices they make.

Ekonomi Haberleri people buy is divided into two parts: goods and services. A commodity is an object such as a loaf of bread or a car. Services are services such as banking, insurance, and television programs. People who buy these goods and services are called consumers. The process of producing goods and services is called production. Both the farmers who produce the wheat and the story writers participate in the production process. There are three basic elements used in production, known as productivity. One of the basic elements of production is labor. If people do not use labor, there is no production. The second major component is land, also defined as the productive force of nature. Soil is necessary not only for agricultural production, but also for urbanization and industry. The concept of the country in the economy is also oil. This also includes natural resources such as minerals and other raw materials. The third element of production is capital. Capital includes assets such as machines and factories used in production, as well as the money required to carry out production.

The "wage" or "salary" of the income of those who contribute to production only by selling their labor power. "Rent" or "rent" refers to the landlord's income. The capital owner's income is also called "profit". Capital owners invest part of their profits in purchasing new machinery and factories to increase production.

Companies that produce goods and services are organized into groups called industries. Manufacturing industries that produce goods such as automobiles, clothing, and pharmaceuticals. Industries that provide services such as banking and tourism are known as service industries.

What does Ekonomi Haberleri mean? In fact, when economic news is presented to people announcing economic conditions around the world in contexts such as agendas, their own websites, or television, we call it economic news. I can. In fact, an economy haberleri is a situation in the global currency, foreign exchange or commodity situation in which such comments are presented and informed by articles, the general term of which can be said to be economic news. increase.

What is Microeconomics?

The microeconomics branch of economics examines patterns of consumer and business behavior. Find out how consumers allocate their income to available goods and services. A key factor in determining which products a company produces is the price at which consumers want the product. When the price of a good falls, the demand for that good increases. But overproduction at low prices isn't always at odds with a company's most profitable position. Therefore, companies try to determine the production volumes and prices that make the most profit. This takes into account the number of companies that manufacture this product. When many small firms produce goods, there is a "competitive market" in which individual firms cannot change the price of the goods they produce. However, if the goods are produced by one or a few firms, the firm can change the price of the goods it produces. In this case, we are talking about a non-competitive market.

In addition, microeconomics attempts to explain wage inequality and the influence of unions and governments on wages and working conditions. An economist interested in microeconomics can advise companies on whether they produce their products at the lowest possible cost and whether they sell them at a fair price. Sometimes, actions that increase corporate profitability can have a negative impact on society. One example is the behavior of companies that create pollution to cut costs.

What is Macroeconomics?

Macroeconomics deals with the overall functioning of a country's economy. Because people are interdependent in their economic lives, the output of one benefits the other. This is called the income cycle. Simply put, people buy goods and services from businesses. Bakeries aim to increase their income by paying workers with the money they earn and investing in other means of production. To describe a country's economy, we need to look at how society as a whole generates and spends income, not individuals. For example, if more people buy foreign cars and washing machines instead of domestic ones, companies that produce domestic products will lose profits and factories may close. People who earn income from domestic industry may become unemployed. Other sectors will also be affected. More money paid out to other countries can reduce the wealth of the country as a whole. For economists, national income is an important measure of a country's prosperity. national income. The monetary value of goods and services produced over a period of time (usually he a year). Low-income countries are called underdeveloped countries. Wealthy countries like USA, USSR, UK and Japan are called developed or industrialized countries. The increase in a country's wealth over time is called economic growth. One of the subjects of economics is the role of the state in economic life. 'States impose taxes to invest in areas such as health, education, and transportation. Modern state duties include ensuring tax fairness and preventing unemployment and inflation.

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